Hello, Welcome to my website!

My name is Rudy Argueta

I'm a computer science student

About me

I am a Computer Engineering major attending the University of Utah. Alongside being a student, I'm also an Air Force veteran, avid enjoyer of video games, and a cat dad. Nowadays, you'll catch me trying to develop my skills in programming. Outside of that, you will catch me skateboarding, playing video games, or enjoying quiet time with my cats.




This is a list of projects I have created so far. I plan to add more projects to the page, as soon as I finish them and feel that they are worth putting on my portfolio.

A picture of the to-do list program running in the console

Java To-do List

This was my final project for my data structures and algorithms class. It is a to-do list made with java. You can add, remove, and edit tasks.


Etch-A-Sketch I created using html, css, and javascript. Feel free to use it and create something awesome!

Rock Paper Scissors

This is a game rock paper scissors game I created using html, css, and javascript. Click the link and try to beat the computer!

contact me

Wanting to get in touch? Please feel free to email me or go to my linkedin and message me there.