Hello, I'm Rudi Argueta

A computer Science Student developing my skills to become a Web Developer

About Me

I am a Computer Science major attending the County College of Morris. Once my time is done at CCM, I plan on pursuing a bachelor's degree in Computer Science at a 4-year University. Alongside being a student, I'm also an Air Force veteran and avid enjoyer of video games. Nowadays, you'll catch me trying to develop my skills in web development and learning how to code. Outside of learning how to code, you will catch me skateboarding or playing video games.


This is an ongoing list of projects. I plan to keep this updated and to display the better projects as I develop my skills even further.

More work coming soon....

a picture of adviceimg

Advice API

This project from Front End Mentor required me to create a site that displays the data(advice) from an API. During these project I ran into some stumbling blocks but I managed to figure out about fetch and adding data to a variable and inserting it into a HTML element.

Contact Me

Please feel free to contact me with a question or anything related to Web Development, I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.